Home Listing Price: There’s No Magic

Sold by Gleason - Home Listin Price There's No Magic

Written by Sold by Gleason

May 2, 2022


“The TRUTH about Home Listing Price is: THERE IS NO MAGIC!”…

Any knowledgeable REALTOR© will tell you this, if they are not afraid of losing the opportunity to list your property.

The problem is that human nature tends toward telling sellers what they want to hear. The agent with whom you list your home CANNOT set the selling price of your home any more than a stockbroker dictates stock prices. The selling price is a function of the Real Estate Market. 

NEVER select an agent based on the price at which they are willing to list your property. The agent who quotes you the highest price is often the least capable of selling it for you. 

Today, an overwhelming number of expiring and unsold homes are doing so as a result of poor advice from inept agents. The problem this creates often extends onto the next agent who must overcome the obvious shopworn image of the home, due to the fact that it has been on the market for an extended period of time. Quite often, this results in the property selling for less than it would have, had it been properly priced from the start. 

Therefore, your agent does determine your home listing price; the market does. 


If a property has been improved as much as reasonably possible and the location cannot be changed, there is only one fact we have left to control:

  1. If we do not receive one showing within the first ten days on the market…
  2. If we do not receive an offer after the first ten showings…
  3. If we do not have ten showings within’ the first thirty days on the market…

… we must adjust the home listing price because the market has spoken.

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