Grand Haven & Muskegon Moving Guide

Sold by Gleason - Grand Haven and Muskegon Moving Guide

Written by Sold by Gleason

May 2, 2022


1. Post Offices

Ask for “Change of Address”card.

2. Utilities

For all utilities – call before digging!

3. Telephone

Have a driver’s license ready – they will ask for number

4. Water


5. Gas


6. LP Gas


7. Heating Oil


8. Electricity


You may need to call each number to see which company covers your area. In some areas, you may get to choose which electric company you want.

9. Rubbish Removal


10. Sewer

The city has sewer hook-up, but not all of the Township. Please call your local Township for more information.

11. Cable Television Service


12. Auto Licenses


Michigan Law requires all persons to update their driver’s license once a new address is established or within 30 days of your move.


13. Voter Registration


Register at Grand Haven City Hall for residents and respective township offices for outlying township residents, OR at the Secretary of State office located at 1100 Robbins Road, Grand Haven, MI 49417 in Grand Haven next to D&W Foods: 616.846.1540

The Muskegon County Secretary of State office is located at 1485 E. Apple Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49442 and their phone number is 888.767.6424.

14. Pet Licenses


Issued at the City of Grand Haven for residents and respective township offices for outlying township residents. 

15. Family Beach Admissions


Annual: $24 | Daily: $6

Please note, there are some discounts on the annual sticker for Senior Citizens 65 & Older.

Ottawa County Parks & Recreation” 616.846.8117

Additional Reminders

Don’t forget to notify your:

  • Insurance Companies (life, hospitalization, auto, etc.)
  • Newspaper delivery, laundry pick-up, trash pick-up, etc.
  • Change your address on publications
  • Notify all open accounts, department stores, banks, service stations, etc.
  • Notify doctors, dentists, allergists, etc. If leaving the state – request medical record
  • Notify your current mortgage company 30-45 days before closing if you have an automatic payment to cancel

SELLER: Call for final readings on utilities effective final day of possession.
BUYER: Call to have services entered into your name effective the same day
(Buyer & Seller should make these calls on the same day to prevent interruption of services).

Contact us for a personalized walk through to help prepare your house for the special first selling day!

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