2022: A Year of Home Appreciation and Why You Should Care

Sold by Gleason - Home Appreciation

Written by Sold by Gleason

May 19, 2022


Those thinking of selling their homes should consider now as the “golden time”. This is the season, rising interest rates and a strong supply of buyers are all great news for today’s seller. 

The important thing to understand is: why are prices of homes still increasing?

The major driver is a short fall of sellers bringing their houses into the market place, all for various reasons… 

The impact of the housing (shortage) has caused sellers to sit on the fence and wait.

Traditionally, as interest rates rise over time, a normal occurance would be for prices to relax as well — but they haven’t! And that’s great news for sellers!

Our market has steadily remained stable or increased in price.

There are far more buyers than sellers and it’s caused a huge uproar with supply and demand…

Our prediction is that a fierce market will cause buyers to outbid other buyers for the next best deal. And as prices continue to rise, all buyers seem to be staying engaged.

If you own a house, the projection for continued appreciation (equity) is trending upward.

With that being said, more equity is the difference between what you owe on your house and it’s market value.

Namely, your home appreciation will allow your next purchase to have a higher down payment.

Real estate is in it’s prime right now, and we want to work with you. If you are weighing your options and want to seize the season of sales, now is your time to get a great price out of you home. Give us a call!

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