Pre-Inspection Checklist

Sold by Gleason - Pre-Inspection Checklist

Written by Sold by Gleason

May 2, 2022


1. Prune all outside plant growth surrounding your home – 12 inches

Cut out wild branches or broken branches from bushes, hedges, or anything near your home. Like a fresh haircut, the inspector will appreciate it.

2. Clean out all gutters

3. Clean off top of hot water heaters

4. Clean off top of furnace

It’s always good to ensure that HVAC is cleaned and well prepared prior to an inspector visiting your home.

5. Replace furnace filters

Clean airways are always a good idea and will help if the inspector notices that the filters are brand new. 

6. Fix broken glass and torn screens

There’s a lot to say about clean windows and doors. Get them repaired!

7. Replace missing siding or tighten up siding

Ensure that you have a complete look to the exterior of your home – it’s the first thing an inspector will see.

8. Make sure smoke detectors and thermostat batteries are brand new

You need these to work if the inspector double checks this.

9. Replace burned out lightbulbs

This seems pretty commonsensual, but often enough, it doesn’t happen and the inspector dings you for it.

10. Tighten loose knobs, handrails, and doors

When everything is intact, the process is much easier.

11. No dripping faucets

12. Clean central air units outside

Keep things tidy – especially the outdoor AC until that most likely has leaves in it.

13. Remove yard waste and animal waste

14. Provide clear access to attics

15. Power wash driveway, patios, and decks where needed

Maybe even think about bleaching your garage floors.

16. Remove litter boxes, water bowls, and pet food dishes

17. Leave all warranty documents out

18. Make sure appliances are clean and working

Contact us for a personalized walk through to help prepare your house for the special first selling day!

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