14 Must Do’s For Showings and Open Houses

Sold by Gleason - 14 Must Do's For Showings and Open Houses

Written by Sold by Gleason

May 2, 2022


1. Make the front door the entrance door if possible. First impressions are important.

2. Have a mat or rug for feet at entry.

3. Have all lights on for showings, even basement lights. Make sure all light bulbs work. 

4. Have soft music playing

5. Do not cook smelly foods such as fried foods, garlic seasoned foods, or fish

6. Baking odors are super, especially cookies, rools, bread, or pie

7. Don’t wash or dry clothes prior to showings; they tend to fill the house with an unpleasant odor

8. Have all traffic areas clear of obstacles, especially stairways

9. Animals – if possible, put dogs or cats outside during showings. They tend to distract clients and some people are afraid of animals

10. When an appointment is made, write down the name, company, and time of showing.

11. Try not to be home during showings or Open Houses.

If you can’t leave, try to be outside your home, in the garden, the yard, or in one room. The clients will feel more free to look carefully, especially if they are interested in your property.

12. Don’t discuss price during the showing

Instead, refer salesperson to your listing salesperson.

13. Discuss future home listings with your listing salesperson

If you are going to be purchasing another home before or after your home is sold, remember your listing salesperson. Ask them about any property that you might see or read about in the ads. Remember, they are working for you. You are not bothering them by your inquiries, they are expecting to answer your questions and secure any information you desire.

14. Communicate with your listing salesperson

If you go into any Open House to see it without your listing salesperson, do tell the salesperson in the Open House that you are working with Mr. or Mrs. X. Keep track of any house that you see and tell the salesperson. 

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